United Airlines Flight 608 crash -1947 October 24

June 13 – Pennsylvania Central Airlines Flight 410, a Douglas DC-4, crashes into Lookout Rock, in the West Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains of the United States en route from Pittsburgh to Washington DC; all 50 passengers and crew are killed.
August 2 – In the BSAA Star Dust accident, a British South American Airways Avro Lancastrian named Star Dust disappears over the Andes after transmitting an enigmatic coded message (“STENDEC”); the fate of the plane remained a mystery until the crash site was located in 2000; four crew and nine passengers are killed.
August 28 – In the Kvitbjørn disaster, a Norwegian Air Lines Short Sandringham flying boat struck a mountain near Lødingsfjellet, Norway, killing all 35 on board.
October 24 – United Airlines Flight 608, a Douglas DC-6, crashes near Bryce Canyon Airport, Utah, United States, when fire caused by a design flaw destroys the aircraft; all 52 on board die in the first hull loss of the DC-6.
October 26 – Pan Am Flight 923, a Douglas DC-4, struck Tamgas Mountain on Annette Island, Alaska, killing all 18 passengers and crew on board; the cause is never determined.
December 27 – In the 1947 Korangi Creek crash, an Air India Douglas DC-3 crashes shortly after takeoff, killing all 23 on board.


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