UNRELEASED YUNEEC Q500+ Best RTF Drone Ever??? Maiden Flight

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All new fascinating #Yuneec Typhoon Q500+. Most amazing #drone and comes with everything needed to start working.
RTF Aerial & Ground Imaging Improved
+ Non distortion lens
+ 5.5 inch Touch LCD transmitter
+ Improved Audio Recording
+CGO2 Plus Camera
+ProAction Gimbal Steady Grip
+Q500 Carrying Case
Video goes over the upgrades of the Q500+Yuneec comes with a master speed controller on the side of the transmitter, which you can dial the speed of the drone between turtle and rabbit modes.
3 Modes Angle, Smart, & Home, in Smart mode the aircraft by default is flying in follow-me mode. If you begin to move the drone will follow the transmitter and retain the altitude, distance, and direction you started at when the transmitter begins to move. This is not a sport quad so its no very fast or sporty, but you can switch into manual mode as explained in the video and get more response from the drone itself in flight, but keep in mind you will lose all gps & satellite signals so your gps lock isn't engaged so you will need to keep line of sight on the drone and when you release both sticks the drone will now drift with wind and fast maneuvers, because gps lock and hold now are inactive due to no gps at all in manual mode.
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