US spy planes ‘attack’ civil aircraft

The Russian Ministry of Defence called on the US to stop dangerous for civil airplanes flights of the spies. Moscow has also summoned the US military attache given detection of an American surveillance aircraft over the Sea of Japan near the Russian border. As Pravda.Ru reported, an unidentified plane approached European airplanes. The Russian Ministry of Defence notified representative of the US Department of Defence that the Russian anti-aircraft warfare detected the US RC-135 surveillance aircraft, which had been carrying out aerial reconnaissance over the Sea of Japan near the Russian border on 22 May 2016. It is also reported that the American aircraft conducted the flight with a switched off transponder, while air traffic controllers of the region were not informed of the route. Beside that, the aircraft flew at the altitude intended to be used by regular flights of the civil aviation. The Ministry noted that due to unprofessional acts of the American crew, a collision with planes of civil airlines could take place”.

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