USS Abraham Lincoln Tiger Cruise 2011 – Flight Ops (Part 2), Carrier Take-Offs

Aircraft carrier catapult launch takeoffs from the USS Abraham Lincoln.

I went on the USS Abraham Lincoln Tiger Cruise in March, 2011, from Pearl Harbor, Hawaii to San Diego, California with my dad and younger brother. On the day before the ship got back to San Diego, the air wing flew off the ship. My twin brother is an F-18 pilot, and while his squadron flew off we got to go up on the tower, at “Vulture’s Row”, and watch them (VFA-2 Bounty Hunters) fly off. I didn’t get my brother take off because he launched from the front catapults, but I got some of the other jets launching from the rear/side catapults.

See my Tiger Cruise part 1 video below. This has clips from the air power demo and landings back on the ship.


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