Virgin Blue`s 9th Birthday Celebration Part 2


Hey all once again this is part 2 of Virgin Blues 9th Birthday celebration part 2. Made by Virginbluepilot27 and Abus709. This is a special part cause me virginbluepilot27 and Abus709 on FSX is going to replicate Virgin Blues’s 1st flight EVER! using Boeng 737-8FE`s VH-VOC`s an add-on for fsx. If you wish to get it please send me a message. The Flight is from BNE-SYD (Brisbane to Sydney) on FSX. Also in this part we have some Virgin Blue vs Jetstar read out by Abus709. If you dont under stand what he says i`ll have the “SCRIPT” Written down below.

Abus709 done all the camera work and talkin apart from my Speaches. Please visit he`s Channel.
I`d like to give a big thx to Abus709, All my youtube freinds and subscribers, FSX (Flight Simualtor X (ten) ) Virgin Blue, Wikepedia, Windows Movie maker and youtube.
If you like mine and Abus709`s videos please subscribe. Remember 2 see part 1 before this. If you dont already no This Celebration comes in 4 parts. Part 3 comes out on friday, and Part 4 for the happy Birthday and landing into Sydney on the 31st for its actual Birthday.

Hello everyone once again im on FSX again with Virginbluepilot27. But this is a very special occasion because we are gonna replicate VB`s 1st flight ever from here Brisbane to Sydney

Now, Virgin blues main competition is Jetstar. Jetstar was started by Qantas so that Virgin Blue could have some competition. Now both air fares for both airlines are relatively cheap, but most of Jetstars flights in Melbourne are based in Avalon, so if you needed a taxi ride to the city, you will have a really expensive taxi fare. And Jetstars least expensive fares are at off peak times, meaning that you will have to get up every morning just to get a flight. Virgin Blue is also more convenient as some of its fleet are small planes making it able to fly to smaller airports within Australia, and Jetstar cant because tall their aircraft are To big for some service, And Jetstar has a policy which you have to arrive 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled to board or they wont let you on the flight. Virgin Blue doesnt have this policy. On the Skystrax website, Skystrax has rated Virgin Blue as a 4 star low cost airline which means good and only 3 other low cost airlines have that rating. Jetstar has a 3 star rating, which most other low cost airlines have.
Virgin Blues service is way to good to be classed as a Budget carrier. It has Premium Economy, Live2Air (which is Foxtel/Austar) A nice Food Service called V licious with pretty good prices You wont get that on Jetstar I guarantee you!. In August You may have heard that Virgin Blue had food poising but it wasnt there fault it was there food companies fault. They have scrapped them and they have gone bust! They have hired a new company.
Virgin blues cabin crew are a lot friendlier in most cases than Jetstar. On Jetstar you often find there all sour faces. On Virgin blue though there always happy, smiling have jokes laughs and competitions. Jetstar have a fleet of approx 40 A320-232 Aircraft. There A320`s have less legroom and seat width. It is proven that Virgin blue have to widest seats then Jetstars buy 3 inches! Virgin Blue are the only Airline In Australia that actually still read out or there announcements. All of Jetstars messages are Pre-Recorded apart from the landing message. Now how lazy is that!! Most people already no this Jetstar is always Late!! Jetstar DO NOT fly to Melbournes Tullamarine from Sydney now that is so lame. You have to fly to Avalon and then get a taxi as mentioned which costs you a fortune! So with all this info please re-consider flying Jetstar as your guaranteed to be late!
So lets fly Virgin Blue you get what you want
(Voted Australias favourite and most loved airliner 8 times)

Thanks for watchingHope you enjoyed and remember to see the upcoming parts!
(C) Virginbluepilot27 and Abus709
Virginbluepilot27 and Abus709


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