Visit Australia’s Most Famous Attractions

The Great Barrier Reef is the world's largest organic structure, making it one of the seven natural wonders of the world. Almost one fifth of the world's coral reefs could be found here. Over 400 varieties of corals are seen in the Great Barrier Reef. It also houses an estimate of 1,500 different kinds of fish and almost 4,000 types of mollusks. Tourists would be amazed to take a glimpse of these wonderful creations. Other activities guests could do are to dive, take a cruise, or even enjoy a helicopter flight.

Another popular tourist destination is the world-famous Sydney Opera House. A Danish architect named Jorn Utzon built it in 1957. An amazing feature of this structure is its roof, which weighs over 161,000 tons. Sydney Opera House showcases a variety of productions all throughout the year. It is considered as one of the most prominent centers for the performing arts. There are actually a thousand rooms, which are used for performances inside this spectacular building.

The Blue Mountains is definitely a place to see. These stunning formations of sandstone rocks would leave the tourists in awe. This is a perfect tourist attraction for nature lovers who would enjoy simple sightseeing and strolling along its lush gardens. Visitors who love adventures would take pleasure in horse riding, mountain biking, hiking, and other extreme activities the Blue Mountains offers.

Also dubbed as Ayers Rock, the famous Uluru is another sandstone rock formation in Australia. It also boasts an array of serene springs, amazing caves, and ancient paintings of the Aboriginal people. It is 1,142 feet high. Visitors could take a stroll together with a native and be able to see different flora and fauna on the land. Uluru is also renowned for its color change in various parts of the day. The sunset is the most awaited of tourists for its color remarkably becomes red. When guests come on a rainy day, they will see that Uluru's color changes to grayish-silver with black moss covering some parts of the rocks.

Another one adding to the list of spectacular rock formations in Australia is the Kata Tjuta, which is also known as Mount Olga or the Olgas. This natural wonder is 25 kilometers from Uluru. Having 36 domes in over 3,500 hectares, Kata Tjuta is truly a magnificent view for people to see. There are several special viewing areas for visitors to stop over and catch a glimpse of this awesome structure, particularly during sunrise and sunset. Both Uluru and Kata Tjuta are considered sacred places for the natives. Be advised that taking pictures along the premises of these rock formations are restricted due to the locals' beliefs and traditions.

Source by Patrick Garde

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