Ways To Get The Best Last Minute Airfare

There are times when one needs to make an emergency trip. The reason may be official or personal. In such a case you need to find an affordable last minute airfare. Last minute airfares are posted online on the airlines sites almost daily. However these fares are actually not last minute. At times, these fares are posted 14 days in advance or 3 days in advance. These last minute fares come and go very quickly. So you have to log on regularly on the airlines sites if you wish to purchase the tickets.

There are also some sites which have expertise in last minute airfare. These are http://www.Site59.com or [http://www.11thhourvacations.com]. You can subscribe on these sites and you can then receive regular updates from them.

You can also get cheap airfare from Priceline.com. There is actually an auction at this site where you are supposed to quote a price as to what you are willing to pay for the airfare. The site will then contact all the airlines and see if they get the ticket on the price quoted by you. However the disadvantage with these tickets is that you cannot refund them once you have purchased them. So you have to carry on with the flight even if it doesn't suit your time.

Some times you can also get cheap airfare by visiting the nearest airport. Smaller airports may offer better prices. The airport may be 2-3 hours drive from your place but it will be certainly worth the time. The flight is also less likely to be full at the smaller airport than the major one.

There are some flight search engines also where you are just supposed to enter your flight details and the site then looks for the best deal available on the net. These search engines earn money from the referral fee and the pain advertising. So when you buy your tickets through the search engines, they get paid for it. However you should read carefully regarding the fees charged by the search engines. Usually you don't have to pay anything.

You are usually made well aware of the fees. However in a hurry you may overlook some details. You should thus be always careful with the fee structure. You should look carefully at the fee structure because the profit margin is not huge and thus the sites may put the fee structure in a very creative way. Budget airlines like American Eagle and Jet Blue are not included are not searched by the flight search engines. This is because these airlines do not pay the referral fee to the search engines.

There are some airlines which provide cheaper airfare. So you have to search for the best option in case you are looking for cheaper airfare and that too at the last minute!

Source by George Wood

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