Weirdest FSX Aircraft Part 1

Weirdest Real and Fictional FSX planes I have come across. Part 1 of 14. If you enjoyed, please like & subscribe! Suggestions for future movies are welcome!

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-A300-600ST by Thomas Ruth
-Beriev Be-200 by Massimo Taccoli
-Granville Brothers Gee-Bee by Warwick Carter and Garry J. Smith
-Grumman X-29 by Kazunori Ito
-Tupolev Tu-20 by Dennis Simanaitis

-Ants Swamp Wallaby by Ants Airplanes
-B7072 by Tim ‘Piglet’ Conrad
-F/A 37 by Bruze Fitzgerald
-S-4A by Ricardo Batalha


Air Charter
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