Weirdest FSX Aircraft Part 12

Some of the Weirdest fictional and non-fictional FSX Aircraft I have come across. Part 12 of 14. If you enjoyed, please like and/or subscribe. Suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks to Live Lover for his input on the Hindenburg Airship

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1. Messerschmitt 163b 'Komet' by Warwick Carter, David Friswell and Garry J. Smith
2. Fairchild C-119 'Jet Pack' by Daisuke Yamamotos, ported over to FSX by Michael E. Roberts
3. LZ129 Graf Hindenburg by Thomas Ruth and Bill Lyons
4. Myasishchev M-4 'Bison' by Brett Hoskins, ported over to fsx by Michael Pook
5. Breguet 'Deux-Ponts' 763 by Barney Bigard and Rui Christina (for fs2004, but sorta works in fsx as well)
6. Potex 540 by Paul Clawson

1. Ultra Hawk 1 by Kazunori Ito
2. EASA X0-2A Wyvern (from Ace Combat) by Ricardo Batalha


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