Weirdest FSX Aircraft Part 2

The Weirdest (non)fictional Airplanes I have found for FSX. Part 2 of 14. If you enjoyed, please like & subscribe! Suggestions for future movies are welcome!

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-Bristol B-188 by Transglobal aircraft and Michael Pook
-Dornier Do-31 Vtol by Erwin Welker
-Hughes Spruce Goose by Erwin Welker
-North American X-15 by Massimo Altieris and Michael Pook
-Scaled Composites Pond Racer by Blake Melancon, Travis Fitzpatrick and 'Chris Evans' (not the actor)

-Batwing by Kazunori Ito
-Boeing 797 by Lionheart Creations
-Dauntless by Lionheart Creations
-Zap S-46 Blackfish by Ricardo Batalha


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