Weirdest FSX Aircraft Part 4

Some of the weirdest FSX airplanes i have come across. Part 4 of 14. Inlcudes both fictional and non-fictional aircraft. If you enjoyed, please like & subscribe! Suggestions for future movies are welcome!

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- Bell X-22 by Kazunori Ito -- Aircraft accidentally included a second time in Part 11, apologies for the repetition!
- Heinkel He-111z Zwilling by Kazunori Ito
- Fairey Rotodyne by Kazunori Ito
- Avtek 400 by Kazunori Ito
- Saunder Roe SR-45 by Paul Clawson

- Arkship Odyssey by Jason Tinsley, Craig A. Clark and Bruce Fitzgerald
- Cosmo Zero by Kazunori Ito
- Junkers Lili by A. F. Scrub
- S-2A Vista by Ricardo Batalha


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