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Baron Aviation is India's premium air charter services provider for business & private travel. We provide private jet, chartered aircraft & allied services.

Baron Eagles an invitation only membership program which gives the individuals and businesses all the benefits of owning large fleet of aircraft / helicopters at a fraction of the cost of ownership.

• Corporate Jet Membership:
Corporate jet membership can be utilized by multiple executives for making their requisition of private jet as per their various missions and needs.
It is a global membership providing the esteemed members the accessibility to fly from any point to anywhere across the world.
The hassle of upfront payment while booking a charter no more exists when you are a Baron Eagle member. Also, all your last minute schedules will be accommodated and arranged by our dedicated Relationship Manager in order to make your voyage a memorable one.
Each flying will be invoiced and to be expensed out. This membership is transferrable and refundable. With an add on card the subsidiaries and the associate members can also be benefited by corporate utility flying of private jets and helicopters to 170 destinations in India and almost the entire globe through our partner affiliation.

• Individual Jet Membership:
This membership is offered to individual flyers while considering sizeable amount of personalization. We take complete record and profiling of the customer and engage a Relationship Manager who makes sure that all the tastes and preferences of the member is taken care of when the member gets on-board or off-board of our aircraft.
Personalization, prioritization and customization with the highest level of quality standard are the
differentiating factor of this membership when compared with the single use of charter by the

• Celebrity Jet Membership:
For celebrities, frequent travel is a part of their lifestyle. Whether it's a last-minute engagement, an on-site shoot or a simple getaway with friends and family, private flying is the most comfortable means of transportation.
We offer preferential price of flying and also take care of every minute detail of their security, privacy and confidentiality. We also arrange for local police security at certain Airports where adequate security is not available.
A dedicated Relationship Manager is just a phone call away to take care of all their flight & Holiday arrangements.

Key Membership Benefits:
• Access to the largest fleet of Aircrafts across the country
• No cost of acquisition of Aircraft
• No management of Inventory
• No hassle of compliance
• Ready availability of the Aircraft
• Selection of Aircraft as per the mission of the journey


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