WFP conducts humanitarian flights to NE Afghanistan

Kulyab, Southern Tajikistan
1. Wide shot of UN plane on runway in Kulyab in Southern Tajikistan
2. Close shot of tail with ‘UN’ logo
3. Mid shot of sacks of food aid being onto plane
4. Close shot of World Food Programme (WFP) wheat sacks
5. Pan shot of plane taking off
6. Close shot of pilots in cockpit
7. Aerial from plane window of Afghan mountains

Faizabad, North Eastern Afghanistan
8. Plane landing in North Eastern Afghanistan
9. Mid shot of aid being unloaded from plane and put on trucks
10. Close shot of WFP official supervising unloading
11. Truck carrying aid driving away from plane
12. Wide shot of river and mountains in background
13. Truck carrying aid driving through the mountains

Kutchi, North Eastern Afghanistan
14. Aid arriving to the village of Kutchi – final destination – and being unloaded
15. Low shot from river bank of aid being unloaded
16. Men carrying sacks of wheat
17. Pan of village to people gathered to collect aid
18. Wide shot of aid being pulled over river
19. Close shot of man pulling himself and aid across river (on elevated pulley system)
20. Wide shot of villagers waiting for aid at other side of river
21. Long shot of villagers and donkeys walking through steep mountain path then pull out to villagers waiting below
22. Mid shot of children
23. Men gathered around table to collect rations
24. Close shot of men giving finger prints to collect rations
25. Various of villagers waiting and carrying wheat sacks
26. SOUNDBITE: (Farsi) Emaduddin, local villager:
“The situation with food is very bad around here. We have had several children die from malnutrition already.”
27. Various of villagers sitting outside tents
28. Mid shot of large pile of aid sacks
29. Close shot of wheat sack
30. SOUNDBITE: (English) Michael Huggins, World Food Programme official
“What we are seeing here today is just a microcosm of what is happening across all of North Eastern Afghanistan.
Many of the people have come here from extremely remote locations walking up to three days to receive their rations. What they will do now is take it back to their villages and hopefully that will carry them through until the spring thaw.”
31. Mid shot of donkeys with sacks of wheat on their backs
32. Wide shot of donkeys carrying wheat and villagers walking with them in mountains


The United Nations’ World Food Programme (WFP) has launched its first airlift of food aid into Afghanistan since the start of the current crisis.

A UN Hercules aircraft – loaded with 17 tonnes of wheat flour – flew from south Tajikistan to Faizabad in the north-east of Afghanistan.

This is the only airlift to this airfield in Faizabad – a remote corner of Afghanistan where supply routes are made difficult by the steep Pamir mountains.

Although fighting between the Taliban and the opposition Northern Alliance never reached this area, connections have been cut by ongoing battles and the population faces severe hardship through the winter months.

Aid was taken by truck from Faizabad through mountain roads to the village of Kutchi.

It was then taken across a river to villagers who had travelled from surrounding areas to collect it.

Representatives from seventeen local settlements assembled to pick up the aid.

The World Food Programme says as many as 40-thousand people are set to receive these aid rations, but that they hope to reach more than 200-thousand people in total.

Some of them had to walk through the mountains for three days to receive the food aid.

World Food Programme official Michael Huggins said “Many of the people have come here from extremely remote locations, walking up to three days to receive their rations.”

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