What a Tiny, Fast, and Cheap Quad Copter Drone JJRC YiZhan Tarantula X4 Unbox Flight, Review.

I received a surprised package from a friend. He ask me to do the review for his YiZhan Tarantula X4.

The X4 is good, fun, and fast tiny quad copter just like its elder brother Tarantula X6. It doesn’t use geared, only brushed motor straight to the propellers. The prop is very tiny, also one of them got easy to jump out. But it’s come with 4 prop spare.

The remote controller has 6 AA batteries. So it’s mean that the X4 should has longer range than my Syma X5C-1 that only using 4 AA batteries for the remote controller.

Overall, this is a cheap and fast quad copter. It can be used for basic racing training. It has 3 speed modes. For $20-$25 it very worth to buy.

The problem is only on the aircraft battery. It is a very small 1S with only 350 mA. Very short time for flight. But you can use Syma X5 battery with some strap and put the battery bellow the quad body just like what I did.

My gear:
Camera iPhone 6
Recording App: FiLMiC Pro
Microphone: Saramonic iMic
Tripod: Flexy unbranded 25 cm
Drone: YiZhan Tarantula X4
Editing App: Video Joiner
Final Editing Software: LightWorks Free edition

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