What is Air Freight Charter?

Air freight charter consists of a number of different commercial organizations that provide freight handling services around the world using airplanes and can mainly be found within the private sector which is a highly competitive environment.

Air freight charters services are operators who have their own aircraft and use the belly hold to carry cargo as part of a door to door service for shippers and importers of goods around the globe.

There are some air freight charter services which can arrange for the transportation of heavy or outsized cargo and this can be done in one consignment for the customer so avoiding delays and losses to them when a piecemeal shipment needs to be sent.

There are also air freight charter services which can arrange for the transportation of relief or aid cargo at times of international emergencies and disasters as scheduled airlines will most likely not have access to convenient airports so for many Aid Organisations the chartering of an aircraft is the ideal solution in order to get both equipment and personnel to locations fast.

There are many companies around the world who use air freight charter in order to have fresh produce or perishable goods delivered to the required locations on time as they often have aircraft specially designed to take such goods and it also avoids the delays associated with scheduled airlines.

Many people are now using air freight charters in order to transport "must go" cargo around the world in order to meet deadlines. This is especially important if a penalty clause applies to late delivery or a company is suffering large losses because of delays.

Also air freight charter is being used for the transportation of dangerous and hazardous goods which need to be segregated from other cargo and kept at their optimum condition. Plus it is also being used for the transportation of livestock as there are many air freight companies who have planes which have been adapted to carry such animals as rhinos, antelopes, horses etc., and it is important that the livestock is transported in a short period time (to prevent them too much stress) as well as providing them with conditions that are comfortable whilst on route.

Another reason for using air charter freight is that you can by pass airline procedures and be able to fly to the airport which is closest to the destination where your goods need to be.

So as you can see there are many reasons for using air freight charter when moving goods around the world.

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