What Type of Plane is Used by Aerobatic and Air Show Performers Worldwide?

If you've been to many air shows, then you know that numerous kinds of aircraft can please the crowd. For example, while certain bombers might not seem so spectacular, it's not just every day that people see them in flight. However, at airs shows that focus on the performance of aerobatic maneuvers, it's rare to find a consummate show that doesn't feature the Extra 300L.

In discussing the specs of the Extra 300L, it's helpful to compare it to another classic, two-seat, all category aircraft that was invented by Walter Extra in 1987: the Extra Flugzeugbau EA300. Compared to the Extra Flugzeugbau EA300, the Extra 300L has lower wings-which is what the "L" stands for-that are mounted near the bottom of the fuselage, with the total wingspan reduced by 2 ft. The Extra 300L also contains improved ailerons that increase its roll rate to 400 degrees per second, making it one of the most aerobatic aircraft in the world. As a sign of the Extra 300L's popularity, more Extra 300L's have been produced than any other Extra model, including the 300S, 330SX, 300LP, 300SP, 300SHP, 300SR and the 300SC.

As seen in air shows around the world, the Extra 300L is regularly used to perform classic aerobatic maneuvers such as hammerheads, loops, inverted flight, cuban eights, tail slides, torque rolls, accelerated flat spins, inverted spins, outside loops, lomcevaks, knife-edge spins and tumbles, to name only a few. However, another lesser-known place that the Extra 300L can regularly be found is in the skies above aviation adventure companies. Specializing in offering advanced air safety training to professional pilots of all backgrounds, companies in the aviation adventure industry also offer adventure flights to members of the general public without requiring the possession of a pilot's license. To make this possible, non-trained pilots pilot the Extra 300L with an experienced military fighter pilot serving as their copilot. With the plane's dual control system, the fighter pilot can assume control of the aircraft if and when necessary.

In addition to aerobatic air show style adventures, adventure flight companies also offer military flight adventures that faithfully replicate what it feels like to participate in classic air-to-air combat. As pilots aim a real gun sight and fire simulated bullets to the sound of real gunfire they engage in war games as they perform classic military flight maneuvers, including high-speed low altitude flybys. As with the aerobatic adventures, those who choose military flight adventures may also have the chance to fly the Extra 300L. While the Extra 300L's aerobatic capabilities can make it seem a bit dangerous at first glace, it's incredibly high critical angle of attack and supreme ability to engage aerobatic upset recovery maneuvers make it one of the safest planes to fly.

If you go to airs shows and wonder what it would be like to participate in one, the adventure flight industry has a variety of aerobatic flight packages that can be tailored to make your personal dream of air show flight come true.

Source by Jimmy Drago

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