Where Do You Fly R-C Model Airplanes

Where do you fly r-c model airplanes? They cannot be flown just anywhere, radio control airplanes require

a great deal of space to operate safely. They are not toys that can be played with in your front yard.

Well why not?

Model aircraft should be handled within certain proper guidelines.

These aircraft are capable of causing serious injury to you or damage to property.

To ensure successful flights you need to follow these procedures...

* Fly at a designated (AMA) Academy of Model Aeronautics flying field. Register to become a member and receive information about fields in your city and state.

* Locate a possible hobby club, and ask questions about their membership. Do not join right away, talk to members and see if they feel excited about having new pilots.

* Also if possible talk to the chief club instructor, and discuss what the rules and monthly dues to be paid.

* If you find a large park that is suitable. Find out what the restrictions are before engaging in any activities.

* If you are unsuccessful in your attempts, visit hobby shops and ask them for their recommendations.

* A large amount of space is vital to operate remote control planes safely through the sky.

Here is why you should not operate models outside a restricted area...

- You could accidentally hit a power-line.

- You could hit a house or other property.

- You could even hit possible innocent bystanders.

There are other hazards as well not listed here, just remember to exercise common sense.

So as you can see, the safety of people should always be considered top priority!

Source by August James

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