Where to Go Outbacking in Australia

The country of Australia has areas called outback where there are large sections of wild and secluded places. The Australian wilds have been linked to legends, myths and other fascinating stories brought by the early Europeans when they arrived in the country.

There are several outback areas to visit in Australia, perfect for those who are looking for an adventure in the wilderness.

Here are some of the best outback areas of Australia you shouldn't dare to miss:

Coober Pedy is an Australian desert town in the southern part of the continent. At first, people find Coober Pedy as a boring town, but as you enter it, you can find hills, manhole grounds, and underground establishments such as homes, stores, shops, hotels, pools and even churches. Yes, they were built under the ground! The town is an interesting place to visit and if you are curious enough, you may find even more treasured hidden in this strange town.

The Kakadu National Park is one of the must-see places in Australia, especially those who like outback trips. Kakadu holds a lot of attraction sites such as the Jim Jim Falls, Gunlom Falls, Barramundi Gorge, Kooplin Gorge and Twin Falls. Visitors spend their camping tours in Kakadu National Park where they can feel the real jungle experience.

The Litchfield National Park is located along the northern part of Australia. It is a real treasure for all Aussies as the place is a heavenly paradise. Litchfield is a total getaway heaven from busy cities. Here, you can enjoy tranquil and peaceful trip with only the sound of the birds, waterfalls and the breeze of the clean air.

Uluru is also called the Ayers Rock. It is a huge sandstone rock formation located along the north of Central Australia. It is a perfect place for outback trips. Reaching the top of Ayers Rock is one of the outback dreams for many people. Either for outback trips or just visiting, Uluru is always a favorite of the tourists.

The Alice Springs can be found along the central part of Australia. For people who want an exciting Australian outback, Alice Springs is a perfect place to go. The area has several historical sites and other exciting attractions that make you feel like in the ancient times. Alice Springs is almost a paradise hidden in the heart of Australia.

Australian outback trips is something every tourist goes for. Don't miss a trip or two in the best outback areas of Australia while in the country.

Source by Pinky Maniri

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