Which Are the Best Remote Control Airplanes?

If you are thinking of taking up remote control airplanes as a hobby, then you are at the right page. In this very article, we would be talking about the various ways of knowing which types of planes to and which characteristics to look for in order to get the best remote control airplane out there. If you are a beginner and would like to learn all about it, I suggest you read on.

So, when choosing the best remote control planes, especially for beginners, keep these following tips in mind:

1. Get an electric plane.

Basically, there are two types of planes: electric and internal combustion. The IC, or internal combustion planes, are those that make use of gas in order to run. These planes are distinguishable by the tail of smoke that follows them wherever they are. On the other hand, electric planes give you cleaner flight, and they are also much, much cheaper than ICs. With electronic planes, you no longer need to spot for gas, you also would be able to land more tricks easily because they are easier to control.

2. Get one with a high wing.

There are great planes with low wings which usually look more attractive than those with high wings. Leave them for now. Although they may look very tempting, they will not be good planes for beginners. For one thing, you would not be able to control your plane as easily.

3. Survey the area where you will be doing a lot of flying.

This is very important since there are planes that need bigger space, while there are others that are perfect for parks and other such small areas. Small areas around 200x200 square meters would require a a smaller plane that could easily be maneuvered and do not fly fast.

4. Think of the price.

Since you are just beginning, you do not need to get the most expensive planes on the market. A set costing around $200 would be enough. Oh there are airplane kits that cost much, much more than $200, but stick with that for now.

5. Start with an RTF or ready to fly plane.

There are toy planes which you build from the ground up, while there are those that come ready to fly. The latter would be more convenient for people just starting out in the hobby. It is easier to just take you plane out and fly it. Building or customizing a plane is harder and would require a lot of time and effort.

Toy planes are a great way to fly without actually taking your feet off the ground. It is a great hobby to pass the time and to also bond with your other aircraft buddies. So, the next time you are thinking of getting yourself a brand new remote controlled airplane, keep the aforementioned tips in mind and you could never go wrong. These tips are tailored for beginners and it would really benefit them a lot for sure.

Source by Jackie Man

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