Why a Scale Turbine RC Helicopter?

RC helicopters come in various forms and can be categorized in numerous ways whether it is by ability, power capacity, or size.

The most common form of a RC helicopter is a basic toy version which can be found in any toy store around. They can be used by almost anyone and are relatively inexpensive compared to the hobby grade RC helicopters. They do not operate the same as hobby grade ones but they are fun and a good way to introduce a young child to the hobby. Micro coaxial RC helicopters are sometimes still categorized with toy helicopters but much more sophisticated yet are still small in size. They are a great way to learn how to maneuver a RC helicopter because of their low cost and small size yet are still adored by avid hobbyists.

Larger electric RC helicopters have become more popular in recent years because of recent developments in batteries and their capacity. Batteries now last longer than in the past which makes using an electrically charged battery more feasible and easier. It is now possible to fly a helicopter longer because batteries now last longer and are actually lighter. Because the newer batteries provide more power than in the past it is possible for skilled hobbyists to maneuver while being quieter than before. Most RC helicopters sold in toy stores are electric but it is more common to see larger RC helis that are electrically powered then before.

Nitro powered remote controlled helicopters are powered by Nitro fuel. They are favored by hobbyists due to their relatively low price and unbelievable power. The Nitro engine in small yet is able to power larger more sophisticated aircraft. The engines used in Nitro RC helicopters are usually called ?glow engines? this is because they use a glow plug instead of a spark plug. They also use a particular fuel which is made up of methanol, oil, and nitro methane.

One more type of RC helicopter is the Gas powered RC helicopter. It is sometimes confused with Nitro powered helicopters but it is actually similar in mechanics but has a completely different engine. They use fuel which consists of regular gasoline and is mixed with two cycle oil. The engines are relatively larger when compared to the Nitro engine and it is also more expensive when compared to it as well.

Source by Tom Right

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