Why Flights Get Cancelled Due to Bad Weather?

Sometimes I wonder why domestic flights are often cancelled due to weather conditions. How do we know that flights are being suspended? You will be shocked to know that Flight delays are occurring globally in countries not usually associated with foggy conditions such as United Kingdom, UAE. And even when the skies are clear, a bunch of airlines are apparently preemptively canceling flights ahead of any possible bad weather scenario. Best to my knowledge a good visibility is needed for flying a niche aircraft and commercial airplanes are not much affected by heavy fog whereas in normal visibility conditions an aircraft should maintain distance of 5 nautical miles and if two aircraft are at same altitude flying parallel to each other then the distance should be 8 nautical miles in cloudy conditions. When traffic is at peak Airport authority should be equipped with better instrument landing systems allowing aircraft to land when visibility is as low as 150m.

International Flight Online official stated "I heard the Airports Authority of India has bought better Instrument Landing System at capital airport to determine the annual fog that obstruct flight schedules but still this problem exist." However in India some places likes Kashmir, himachal, Delhi where thick fog covers large parts of them during winter has triggered airports especially Delhi's busy IGI airport into a war zone, with irate passengers and hopeless airlines officials blaming the weather.

Not only does the fog disrupt the vacation plans of thousands of travelers, it also cause huge losses to airlines with dozens of flights cancelled, delayed or suspended.

In a day at least 20 flights are either delayed or cancelled at domestic airports in any part of the country since December and early January, stated an Airports Authority of India official. Some of the reasons due to which flights are cancelled

Flight maintenance or administrations issues, aircraft monitoring, baggage scanning, fueling, etc. Met department speculation about delays or abort the operation of a flight due to hurricane and extreme weather conditions A late night flight arrival which may cause the standing flight to depart late. Due to security reasons evacuation of a terminal,re-boarding of aircraft because of security breach, screening equipment failure and delay at screening

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