Why You Should Take Internal Flights Within the UK

If you need to travel for work, or spend your leisure time more productively, then perhaps you already book regular domestic internal flights to the UK destinations that interest you most. If you don't yet, then here's why you should.

1. These days, most of the big UK towns and cities have an airport, or are have an airport nearby. If you live near Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Bristol, Southampton, or any of the smaller airports, you can be on a plane and heading towards your destination quickly and easily. With good transport to and from the UK airport you depart from and arrive at, you can be on your way with the minimum of fuss and hassle.

2. Surprisingly, flying within the UK can work out much less expensive than other methods of travel. When taking into account travelling by train at peak times, and fuel and parking cost, it's not surprising that so many people are booking flights to the UK destinations they need to get to.

3. As well as cheaper, flying from one UK airport to another can often be much quicker too. Even when travel to and from the airport is taken into account, UK internal flights don't take long. If you need to be at the other end of the country, then you'll definitely prefer to fly than to drive.

4. Internal air travel is more a much more productive and efficient way for business passengers to travel, as they can get on with their work whilst in the air. There's no way of using your laptop whilst driving, and a train doesn't always have the power sockets, or the peace and quiet that is required. Perhaps you'll take the opportunity to read up more about your prospective clients, or write your report whilst on your domestic UK flight.

5. For leisure passengers, internal flights within the UK can mean that it's much easier to explore more of the UK. Perhaps you've never been to Aberdeen, or Southampton, or Jersey or the Isle of Man. Why not visit some of the places that you see on the weather maps, or during the football results?

6. For other leisure passengers, flying within the UK is the easiest way to visit friends and relatives in far away corners of the country. Instead of having to spend your Friday evening stuck in the car for several hours, only to have to turn round and do it all again on Sunday afternoon, why not see if flying is more convenient?

7. Those who enjoy weekends away will be able to get more out of their time away from work by taking advantage of flights within the UK. Why not follow your football team when they play away? Or go shopping somewhere new? Or see if the nightlife in a new city is as good as you're lead to believe? What about going back to the place where you grew up? Flights are quicker and more reliable than car or train travel, and so you can make the most of your free time.

8. For those in the UK who lead an active life, why not make the most of your free time by travelling by plane to an exciting UK destination? If you enjoy cycling then why not explore new roads, or mountain trails? If you're a ken angler, why not fish in some of the best places to fish in the country? Why not learn to surf in the UK? Why not learn to dive or go snowboarding?

9. As flying internally to UK destinations is quicker over longer distances than rail travel or driving, you'll save time that can be better spent whilst you're at your destination. You'll be able to fly there have your meeting and then fly back in less time that it would take you to drive there. You can arrive relaxed, and be ready to make the most of your time.

10. Saving money is important to many people, and businesses are affected too. Instead of booking internal train tickets to UK destinations, why not see if booking flights to the UK destination you need to get to will be cheaper? When you factor in the time it takes to drive there, as well as fuel costs, and parking, or the cost of the train ticket, and having to wait for a connecting train, you'll often find that it's much more convenient to fly.

Now you know why so many people book flights to the UK, isn't it time you became one of them?

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