World Airlines Buy British (1958)

Full title reads: “World Airlines Buy British”.

Air to air shot of BEA – British European Airlines Vickers Viscount in flight. GV Interior shot of Viscounts on production line inside Vickers factory being built for various airlines, camera pans to a Continental airlines Viscount. SV Turbo-prop engines being mounted on one of the Viscounts. CU Man working on one of the engines. Air to air shot of a Capitol Airlines Viscount. Air to air shot of Trans-Australian Airlines Viscount. Air to air shot of Middle East Airlines Viscount.

GV BOAC (British Overseas Airways Company) Bristol Britannia being prepared for flight. CU Britannia printed on nose of aircraft. LV Passengers going aboard the Britannia. LV Turbo-prop engines starting on the Britannia. LV Panning shot of the Britannia taking off. SV Interior shot of cockpit with the captain and co-pilot, also flight engineer at the controls. CU Captain, camera pans down to mass of dials. Angle shot of the Britannia flying overhead.

GV Interior shot of Comets on production line inside the De Havilland factory. CU Nose of a finished Comet VI. LV Comet being towed out onto the airfield. SV Air intakes of the two port wing jet engines as the airliner comes towards the camera.

LV Panning shot of Boeing 707 jet airliner taking off in United States of America (USA). Air to air shot of Boeing 707 in flight. Air to air shot of Comet VI in flight.

SV Interior shot of model of the Fairey Rotodyne, in background inside the factory the Rotodyne is being built. CU Model of the Rotodyne. LV Jeep inside the fuselage of the Rotodyne and another car driving up the ramp also on its way in. Angle shot of the Rotodyne in flight.
FILM ID:1549.12


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