World’s Busiest Airspace – AirVenture Fisk Arrival with US Coast Guard – Oshkosh – ATC audio

2000+ planes arrived in a few hours, and it tested ATC as well as the Pilots!
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USCG Recruiting:

USCG Air Station Traverse City:

And for more context about how crazy the arrivals were on that Sunday, here’s a link to an article about it:

And some additional context regarding that visualization from Philip at FlightAware:

The data here is combination of (high-quality) ADS-B data and (low-quality) MLAT data from Mode S aircraft. Of the unique tails depicted here, there are 247 ADS-B aircraft and 106 Mode S aircraft.
As we discussed via email, my high guess for ADS-B equipage in the GA fleet is maybe 16% – applying that assumption to the ADS-B/MLAT split in the data would indicate that I’m probably showing 23% of the traffic. If we guess higher and go with 20% equipage, then I’d be showing about 29% of the aircraft.
So overall, I’d say that absolute best case, we’re seeing 30% of all the arrivals in this video. Which is still pretty impressive (and/or daunting) to think about.

And here’s the link to Steveo1kinevo’s Coast Guard FlightVLOG:


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