XK350 Air Dancer 3D Stunt Quadcopter with Motor Reversing

XK350 is a 3D Stunt Quadcopter that can perform more aerobatics and stunts than a standard Quadcopter and even can fly inverted. XK350 Air Dancer Stunt Quadcopter achieves all those 3D stunts by reversing the motors instantly in the air.

XK350 offers 6G ultimate stable Flight mode and fast flight performance to fly for fun, for FPV racing or FPV Aerial filming. And when you need to do some gravity defying hardcore 3D stunts, you can simply switch to 3D mode and use throttle stick as collective pitch and motors will reverse instantly as per your throttle positive and negative input.

To Fly in 3D mode and do 3D Stunts, pilots need to have prior Collective pitch 3D helicopter flight and stunt experience. XK350 quad has very powerful brushless motors and this quad can cause serious injuries and fatalities if crashed into human or living beings. So be very careful. This motor reversing 3D Stunt Quadcopter will take a while for you to get used to its behavior so take your time and do not attempt to do hardcore aerobatics on first flight.

XK350 is a very durable quadcopter as well. During my testing, I had many bangs and crashes, but nothing damaged. XK350 also offers 5V and 12V output so that you can power your FPV Systems using the flight battery. Also it offers a small FPV Bar that you can add instantly using two screws and mount your favorite HD Cameras too. I love the performance, power and speed on this quad and its ability to do aerobatics. Two thumbs up. Great value for your money.

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