XTI TriFan 600 VTOL Aircraft Reveal

Can equity crowdfunding help launch a new type of VTOL aircraft?

XTI Aircraft believes it is and that the time is right to launch a brand new VTOL aircraft into the market starting with equity based crowdsourced funding.

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More about the TRIFAN 600

Projected performance specifications are still being determined, but are expected to include:

• Capacity: Pilot + 5 passengers
• Max Cruise Speed: ~ 340 kts (or around 400 mph)
• Max Cruise Altitude: Over 30,000 feet above predominant weather
• Range: ~ 800-1,200 miles (Based on takeoff method and payload)
• Vertical Lift: 3 ducted fans
• Engines: 2600 shaft horsepower range
• Flight Controls: Fly-by-wire
• Time to Max Altitude: ~ 11 minutes
• Time to Max Cruise Speed: ~ 90 seconds

XTI Aircraft Company is a privately owned aviation business founded in 2009 by Chairman David Brody. Based in Denver, Colo., the company’s mission is to develop innovative solutions to universal business aviation problems by enabling true point-to-point air travel over long distances.

Together, XTI’s leadership group brings decades of experience, a deep well of expertise, a shared passion for aviation, and success bringing new aircraft to market.

As former president and chief executive of Sikorsky, Vice Chairman Jeffrey Pino kept the world’s largest helicopter manufacturer at the forefront of rotorcraft innovation and development. XTI board member Charlie Johnson was president of Cessna, the leading manufacturer of light and midsize business jets. Respected industry veteran Dr. Dennis Olcott, XTI chief engineer and board member, served as chief engineer for both Adam Aircraft and for the PiperJet program. XTI founder and Chairman David Brody, an accomplished attorney, aviation patent holder, and best-selling author, conceived and designed the TriFan 600.

Other members of XTI’s leadership group include Chief Financial Officer Andrew Woglom, and Media and Investor Relations Officer Amelia Earhart.





Photos and videos courtesy of XTI Aircraft Company, Dmitry Mottl, Boyd Kelly, Cpl. Anna Albrecht 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Cpl. Travis Gershaneck Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

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