Your Flight In Their Hands – Aviation Documentary

This program is extremely fascinating with its emphasis on what actually goes on in the cockpit and on the ground while you are flying aboard a commercial aircraft. At speeds of 500 miles per hour and 10 minutes between your plane and the one following behind, the pilot hasn't much room for error. It's a spectacular view from the pilot's cockpit as he receives instructions from the control tower when he is about to land the plane. You will never see footage like this anywhere else! You get a bird's eye-view of what goes on behind the scenes while you are sipping your chardonnay in your comfortable airline seat, while split-second decisions are being made on the ground and in the air. One future concept which might be explored is flying commercial airliners with no pilots or ground controllers - using computers alone to get you from and to your destinations at 30,000 feet in the air. Most passengers agree they would rather have flesh-and-blood people running the operation than computers which can crash - just as the computers we use at home and work have a habit of doing on a daily basis. Our lives are really in the hands of these qualified people when we are in their aircraft, and relying solely upon them to get us safely to where we are bound. A really insightful and informative program. You'll never think about commercial air flights the same again when you board a plane to fly somewhere. A REALLY, REALLY MUST WATCH!!!!
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