Zion National Park – A True Utah Outdoor Adventure

Zion National Park is world-renowned for its massive sandstone cliffs and red canyon walls. Visitors come from all over the world (an annual average of about 3 million) to explore the park's 229 square miles of desert valleys filled to the brim with lush vegetation and flowing water.

The Virgin River has formed Zion Canyon over many, many centuries through the process of erosion, leaving behind beautiful canyons, waterfalls, and majestic monoliths. With such a diversified landscape, Zion National Park offers an extensive number of activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

One of Zion's most popular attractions is the Narrows, a dramatic gorge in the upper reaches of the park that was carved by the downstream flow of the Virgin River. The Narrows are 16 miles long with canyon walls up to 2000 feet high and at times, only 20 feet wide. The river water is clean and clear, a stunning contrast to the sandstone cliffs that envelope it. Hiking the Narrows means actually trekking through the Virgin River; there is no set hiking trail or path, you just follow the river. This means the majority of the hike will be spent walking or wading, perhaps even swimming in the water. Certainly not for the faint of heart and more apt for true outdoor enthusiasts, the Narrows is no doubt one of the most breathtaking and scenic areas of the park.

Besides the countless trails to hike, there are numerous other activities to take part in throughout the park. Rock climbing, canyoneering, and mountain biking are just a few. Other popular activities for people who want to spend more than one day in Zion is camping (at one of two campgrounds within the park) or even overnight backpacking. Zion offers spectaculars shots for the photographer and bird watching is a favorite with over 270 species inhabiting the park.

So enjoy natural splendor at its finest in Zion National Park, a true Utah outdoor adventure.

Source by Katie Feuz

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