ZIP Boeing 737-200 NON-STOP Action at YYC YVR YXY and loads more!!


Owned by Air Canada, zip commenced operations on September 22, 2002, as the carrier’s Calgary-based, low-cost operation targeted against arch-rival WestJet in Western Canada. Reminiscent of Braniff International, zip boldly painted their fleet of Boeing 737-200s in lavish colors, and during the company’s two years in the air, it was certainly the “end of the plain plane” in Canada.

Calgary-based aviation videographer Anthony Hickey extensively filmed zip’s colourful 737s, and this 85 minute DVD presents an extensive round-up of zip’s Calgary flight activity. Professionally shot on film industry tripods, this DVD takes you up front and close to zip’s 737-200s with lots of push-backs from the gate, taxi sequences, take-offs, approaches, and landings filmed from many airside locations. Live ATC audio between the zip aircraft and the tower accompanies most of the footage. There is no cockpit footage in this DVD… just lots of exterior footage of zip Boeing 737 jet action!

Zip’s last day of operations was on Tuesday, September 7, 2004. To mark the event, a special “zip tribute flight” took place, in cooperation with Vancouver ATC. Just as the last two zip scheduled flights touched down at YVR that sunny Tuesday morning, two zip 737s tore down Vancouver’s runway 08R at 400 knots, 100 feet above the deck, in battle formation. After landing, the Vancouver Airport Fire Department provided water cannon salutes as the last-ever operational zip Boeings taxied under the spray… all of which is captured on this DVD! This DVD is available for purchase from DVDs.


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